“We want good old Calliope back” they say on Twitter and we want good old Samso

“We want good old Calliope back” they say on Twitter and we want good old Samso
“We want good old Calliope back” they say on Twitter and we want good old Samso

The captain of the Sasmus confesses to the murder of Angelos, the viewers solved the riddle, but they want more suspense.

It’s still early days, but the first week of fiction series premieres has produced a clear winner Samso. In TV viewing numbers but also as the first trend on Twitter, all these days. TV viewers yesterday praised Maria Tzobanaki’s performance with several humorous tweets, but also with analyzes of what will happen. When it happens, because this year the rhythms are quite slow in the small village of Crete.


Drama and laughter together

The changes made this year in the series are interesting, but most of the social media users are complaining that there is no action and plot like last year. How some scenes, such as yesterday’s with Calliope’s monologue, took a long time, as did the developments with the murder of Angelos. How she managed to injure him with a small scalpel, how late she decides to tell the police that it is not her son’s fault and in general the slow pace of the series. At least this year we have much better dialogues and that favors its talented actors to create.

At some points we agree with them about the slow developments. But we are talking about a daily series that will exhaust the season and how many more small action parentheses can these screenwriters write? Remember last year’s season of the Wild Bees. We were late getting into the action because the backstories and profile of the new actors who had been brought into the series had to be “built”. Something like that will happen here too. We already saw the entrance of Stelios Maina and in a few days that of Giorgos Gerontidakis. It will be a while before we see them in action.

The direction has clearly improved and at least we have fewer missteps in the scenes. Because some last year, while they were dramatic, they became satirical. The scenes also with the couples in love confessing their love, with the same meaning every time, are getting tiresome. Even if a romantic note is needed in this series, because ultimately love will be the reason to close the blood circle between the two families.


In Sunday’s extra episodewe will finally see Calliope go to the police and confess to the doctor’s murder. Mathios is released from prison with a heavy heart and the policeman examines Angelos’ blows and it does not appear that it was only from Calliope’s that he found death. Don’t worry about that for now. Because Asteris’ health is at risk from Stavros’s blow first and secondly from a small accident he will have with his car. His brother knows about his operation, but soon their mother will too. How did he save Argyros’ life as a donor? Calliope’s shocks will be back-to-back. But we also have the outburst of Stavros in Argyros because he can’t stand Asteris anymore and Stella’s comfort to her former lover. Tangles.

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