Traffic accident for Trannos

Traffic accident for Trannos
Traffic accident for Trannos

A traffic accident involving Trannos happened late Friday night in Voula.

Specifically, on Vouliagmenis Avenue and specifically at the height of Kalymnos, three cars collided under unclear so far conditions. The collision was so strong that the drivers were trapped inside their vehicles and it took the intervention of the fire department to get them out and take them to the hospital.

In one of the videos circulating from the scene, one of the cars can be seen that has been literally disintegrated, while its engine has come off.

The news was announced by the manager of the well-known trapper, who wrote on Instagram: “Friends and friends, a few hours ago Trannos was involved in a traffic accident with his jeep. He is being treated as a precaution at the Metropolitan, as his health is not in any danger. Due to the above, unfortunately his upcoming appearances will not take place until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you informed of the development of the situation.”

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