Five Saul Goodman quotes that will remind you of who you really are

It is truly one of life’s paradoxes. Out of one of the theoretically top series of all time -Breaking Bad- a (according to many) even better one emerged and at the moment we feel strange that it has come to an end. The “Better Call Saul” was far better than anything we could have asked for, with the lawyer behind every odd deal, Jimmy McGillbetter known in illegal circles as Saul Goodman to be a hero we never expected to love but grew into a pleasant part of our daily lives.


So in a way, the “Better Call Saul“not only did he not stay in his shadow”Breaking Bad” but with steady and precise steps he built his own separate fan base to the point where we really wonder which of the two was the better show of the franchise.

The last mystery from the “Breaking Bad” series has been solved

Of course, a bigger share in the success is his unique interpretation Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill, one of the funniest, nightmarish, different and totally likable characters we’ve ever seen on television. Every word he says, any dialogue he provokes, has a beginning, middle and end, but always the space until he closes his words are of great interest.

But mainly his antics. The ones that were left to us the most and we would need them in the most difficult moments. Where we doubt everything, but above all ourselves. Sometimes you just need to hear one…

It’s all good, man»: A phrase, a name

Not only would Walter White be successful as Heisenberg, there had to be another business name. Finally, out of a phrase literally out of nowhere, a name is born that will be talked about for a long time. “S’all good, man” American-Vlach variant of “It’s all good, man» is the conversation-solution for all problems. His translation into Greek sounds a bit bad”It’s all good, man“, at least that’s how we understand a little of its meaning.

In English, however, we see that with just 4 words, Jimmy McGill chillingly seals his future, especially to Breaking Bad fans who already knew what kind of lawyer they were going to meet.

“S’all good, man» to Saul Goodman. That’s where everything starts and ends.

Hail Satan. I Submit To The Dark Side»: The end of innocence

It was a frequent occurrence during the series for Jimmy to call out his choices. He himself knows what is wrong and what is right, as well as what risk he takes every time he plunges into the darkness of his choices.

As it happens in the case of cooperation with EHM. It’s a dirty situation but he knows he has to take this step, even if it plunges him into shit and the dark side.

Our review for the movie Breaking Bad.

Money is the point!»: The driving lever

Jimmy couldn’t have done it any better for us. In every fight with Chuck’s brother, differences are constantly revealed and things that our protagonist hides come out.

For every “money is beside the point” by Chuck, Saul replies “money is the point!” It’s perhaps the moment we understand why he was such a good match for Heisenberg in his Breaking Bad days.

I’m gonna be a damn good lawyer, and people are gonna know about it»: How would you know

Even knowing how the case will end up in the future, thanks to flash-forwards throughout the series, Better Call Saul does a great job of making its audience sympathize with Jimmy for the happy ending he was ultimately denied. Jimmy believes in himself and his hard work and means it when he says “I’m gonna be a damn good lawyer, and people are gonna know about it”.

This line makes a ton of sense, and it’s chilling just because of how counterintuitive it is. Because the first half is the truth since he develops into a very good lawyer. As for everyone finding out this is something that really breaks the heart of all of us who know what happens next.

Say Nothing, You Understand? Get A Lawyer!»: When you still have it inside you

Better Call Saul may be a prequel series, but it didn’t just take place before the events of Breaking Bad. Every time the show took you back in time after the Breaking Bad finale, you saw that things didn’t turn out well for Jimmy.

In order to go unnoticed by the authorities, he works in a shopping mall but no matter how hard he tries to be a ghost, good old habits don’t cut so easily. So when he sees in front of his eyes a robber avoiding the police, he will give him up without any hesitation. Except that a few seconds before handing him over, he has saved a little advice for the perpetrator. “Say Nothing, You Understand? Get A Lawyer!»

Even when he shouldn’t Jimmy doesn’t forget who he is. Even if his rant is going to get attention.

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