USA: Jackson County, Mississippi remains without drinking water for the fourth day

USA: Jackson County, Mississippi remains without drinking water for the fourth day
USA: Jackson County, Mississippi remains without drinking water for the fourth day

Its approximately 150,000 inhabitants Jacksonthe state capital Mississippi at USAin the majority of them African Americansthey remained without running water for a fourth day yesterday, Thursday, while authorities urged those who still have water in their homes to be careful not to drink it while showering.

This city in the south USA80% of whose population is black and where the poverty rate is high, is faced with serious water supply problems for years now.

But since the beginning of this week the Jackson is in an emergency situation. Floods caused problems at a water treatment plant, resulting in the interruption of water supply.

When they turn on the faucet at home, the townspeople see a few drops or brown water coming out, so they have to wait in line to get bottles of bottled water.

“I feel like I’m living in a nightmare,” Erin said Washingtona student at Jackson University speaking at CNNi.

And as long as the water running from the taps is not potable, the authorities emphasize.

“In the shower make sure your mouth isn’t open because you shouldn’t be drinking that water,” Jim Craig, a state health official, said Wednesday. Mississippi.

The city authorities indicated yesterday that the situation is improving, with some districts having again water with pressure. The mayor’s office also clarified that “significant progress has been made at the factory during the night and today (i.e. yesterday Thursday) in the morning. A temporary pump was installed in it on Wednesday.

However, the daily life of the residents of Jackson has been disrupted. Schools are doing distance learning classes and stores are paying a big price.

“Hotels and restaurants, which were already in a difficult situation, cannot open or are forced to adapt by buying ice, water or soft drinks,” he explained to CNNi Jeff Reed, president of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.

“People are at their limits,” commented Sara Friedler, who works at a local restaurant, speaking to a local newspaper.

The situation facing Jackson residents is reminiscent of one of the worst health scandals in American history, the contaminated water in Flint, Michigan a decade ago. In that city the decision to change the source of the drinking water supply, for reasons of economy, contaminated the network exposing the residents to lead.

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