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Car rollover accident – Driver injured (vid)

Car rollover accident – Driver injured (vid)
Car rollover accident – Driver injured (vid)

A traffic accident occurred in the early hours of Friday in Thessaloniki, where a car overturned at the junction of Katsimiris and Agios Dimitriou streets. The driver, who is about 30 years old, got out of the car by himself after the accident, an ambulance came to pick him up, and according to the information so far, he is in good health.

The collision was severe, while no one else was in the vehicle, apart from the 30-year-old. Inside the wheel of the car, a power cord is jammed which makes the operation dangerous as an electric shock could have been caused.

How did the accident happen?

At 4 am on Friday morning, the car was coming from a dangerous bend, the driver lost control and crashed into other vehicles that were in the area. The IX then dropped a pillar and somersaulted to a stop in front of a house.

The fire brigade arrived at the scene, while an investigation is being carried out into the circumstances under which the accident occurred. It is noted that the weather is rainy in Thessaloniki, and probably due to the slippery nature of the road, the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The area is residential, and the road is busy. There is damage to two vehicles, while fire crews have rushed to the scene to remove the vehicle.

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