Passports are valid for ten years from today

Passports are valid for ten years from today
Passports are valid for ten years from today

The validity period of Greek citizens’ passports is doubled from today, from 5 to 10 years, as the relevant legislation that was passed some time ago and which modified the validity of passports issued from here comes into full effect and henceforth, adults as well as minors who have reached the age of 14.

The implementation of this regulation, as pointed out by the Ministry of Citizen Protection, has, among others, another very important parameter: The cost for the production of the new documents (passports, identity cards, driver’s licenses, etc.), therefore the tender for the contract is canceled and a new one will be announced, with the new data.

Specifically, according to what was announced by the Ministry, due to the doubling of the validity of passports, with the unanimous recommendation of all the competent services of the ELAS Headquarters and the Ministry of Citizen Protection, as well as the competent department of the Legal Council of the State (N .S.K) to which a relevant question was submitted, a significant change in both the financial and technical parameters related to the process of awarding the supply of the “New Integrated System of Security Forms” (OPSEA) is recorded.

The financial reduction is calculated on the above amount and for this reason the passport service recommended to the competent minister the cancellation of the progress of the process of concluding the above contract, in its entirety. The decision to cancel the competition, as emphasized, is fully justified and the State has no obligation to pay remuneration or compensation to the participants, as expressly provided in a relevant condition of the Invitation for Expression of Interest, a fact for which the Legal Council of States.

The ministry underlines that with the provision for doubling the validity of passports, the country is now in line with international standards for the duration of validity of passports, as well as the acquisition of high-standard security documents that it issues from now on, fully compatible with European and international regulations.

“This is an arrangement that, among other things, and without changing the required fixed stamp fees for citizens, is part of the wider planning of the Ministry to reduce bureaucracy, save additional uniformed personnel from processing cases, in order to be allocated to security services of the citizens, the upgrading of the services provided and the reduction, in general, of unnecessary expenses and working hours”, it is noted in a statement of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

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