Premiere today with international entries, and many events for the 1st Panhellenic KITESURF Championship in Drepano

Premiere today with international entries, and many events for the 1st Panhellenic KITESURF Championship in Drepano
Premiere today with international entries, and many events for the 1st Panhellenic KITESURF Championship in Drepano

The 1st Panhellenic Championship, Formula Kite, Kitefoil & TT:R, starts today in Drepano Achaia and will end on Sunday, September 4. The organization of this specific championship has been undertaken by the Sailing Club of Patras and the sports association Cape Drepano, in co-organization with the Region of Western Greece and the Hellenic Sailing Federation, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Sports (GSA).

Kite surfing is now an Olympic sport and is treated as such in Patras, where athletes, fans of the sport and a large number of visitors will have the opportunity to experience moments full of adrenaline, from athletes from our country and beyond.

Visitors are expected to be many since the event will combine spectacle, sea and many other activities including seminars, demonstration races, music festival and street food.

In the event there are international participations of athletes in formula kite which is the Olympic class, from Bulgaria and France, to the USA, Brazil, Australia and the Caribbean.

Kite surfing was a hobby and water sports enthusiasts had a strong presence in the area of ​​Drepanos, already since 2011. The Kitesurf Festival has been taking place from Cape Drepano for the last 8 years, but without taking an official form. It is now expanding with the Panhellenic championship, which paves the way for even more competitions in the future.

Through the matches of the Panhellenic championship in Drepano, the National team of the sport will be established, the first in its history.

The program

Every day, according to the program, the day will start with the preparation of the athletes, while at 12:00 noon the sailing races will start, which will be framed by Side Events for all ages and unique concerts and beach parties next to the wave Powered by Bacardi.
More specifically, on Thursday September 1st, at 17:00 and after the completion of the sailing on the first day, Dj Konstantinos Georgiou will give the signal for the start of the first beach party!
On Friday, September 2 at 6:30 in the afternoon, Burger Project will take over, coming to fascinate us with their theatrics, energy, musical skill and humor, with disguises and repertoire from Johnny Cash and Vassilis Tsitsanis to Alice Cooper and Rena Vlachopoulou.

The same day at 8:30 p.m. they will deliver it for an unrepeatable Sunset Party to one of the most beloved pop-rock bands, Onirama with frontman Thodoris Marantini, who are expected to excite the audience with their incredible energy.

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, the fun will start from 11 am with an All Day Beach Party with Djs from all over Greece: Mr Panos & Jovolos, ANDY’s, Heavy Pins, Nikos Diamantopoulos, and the evening will culminate with Ms Lefki and Cj Jeff who will lead the party until late at night.

The 1st Open Panhellenic Formula Kite Championship, KITEFOIL & TT:R, by Coffee Island, will culminate with the grand finals and awards on Sunday, September 4. At 7 pm on Sunday, the event will close with the beloved musical artist & X Factor judge, Marisa Rizou, who will be with us with her wonderful band for a magical concert Powered by Bacardi by the sea in Drepano with sunset background. The recipe for an unforgettable summer evening!

Entry to the 1st OPEN Panhellenic Championship Formula Kite, KITEFOIL and TT:R, by Coffee Island and to the concerts Powered by Bacardi, is free.

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