Olympiacos: The crowds in Rentis and the open markets

Olympiacos: The crowds in Rentis and the open markets
Olympiacos: The crowds in Rentis and the open markets

With transfers continuing to Renti The Carlos Corberan he has several footballers at his disposal. Which countries have the transfer window open?

The transfer window for this year in Greece will be open until September 15. Olympiacos and every Greek team have the possibility until then to take a player and have the right to participate in the Super League. He will not have the right to participate in Europe, since today the list will be announced to UEFA.

Olympiacos continues its transfers and will continue them, it seems, until September 15th. It should be noted that until 30/9 there is also the possibility of acquiring a footballer who is free, and last year Olympiacos had thus taken Gary Rodríguez.

The point is that Rendis has many players who train daily under the instructions of Carlos Corberan. With the addition of Josh Bowler, the number exceeds 30 without counting the four goalkeepers. With Lala and the English winger, Corberan has 36 players including the goalkeepers. The number for training sessions is excessive when most coaches want 25 including the goalkeepers!

Olympiacos will attempt to… unload the roster, but now the options are limited, since the transfers in Europe have been completed. Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovakia are open until September 6, while Russia until September 8 and the same applies to Turkey. Qatar and Serbia, like Greece, are open until 15/9 and Saudi Arabia can offer a solution until 17 September.

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