The Bosphorus straits were closed due to the grounding of a cargo ship

Shipping traffic in the Bosphorus Strait was disrupted after a 173-meter-long cargo ship, the Lady Zehma, ran aground due to a rudder failure.

The information was conveyed by the Turkish shipping company Tribeca. From the office of the governor of Istanbul it became known that the Turkish coast guard is helping the cargo ship and no injuries have been reported.

Bebek'te Kargo Gemisi Karaya Oturdu O Anlar Kameraya Böyle Yansıdı

According to the joint coordination center of the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey for the export of Ukrainian grain, the Lady Zehma sailed on August 30 from Chornomorsk, Ukraine, bound for Ravenna, Italy, and is carrying 3,000 tons of corn.

Kyiv estimates that 4 million tons of grain were exported via the Danube
Ukrainian authorities estimate that more grain is being exported via the Danube River than at any time since the war broke out six months ago.

A few days ago, 11 ships with a total capacity of 45,000 tons arrived at the ports of Izmail, Reni and Ust-Donaysk, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced.

Since March, more than 4 million tons of grain have been exported from the country through Ukrainian ports on the Danube, the ministry added.

Since Russia’s offensive began on February 24, attention has focused on Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, which have been blockaded for months, preventing the export of millions of tonnes of grain.

On July 22, Ukraine and Russia, brokered by the UN, signed a deal in Turkey to allow food exports from Ukraine to resume through three Black Sea ports, which it is hoped will ease pressure on the global supply chain.

The Istanbul coordination center, which was set up under that deal, announced over the weekend that 1 million tons of grain and other food had been exported via the Black Sea after shipping resumed. In total, 103 ships have sailed from or docked in Ukraine since last month.

According to Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry, some quantities of grain left the country via more difficult routes, either by cargo ships sailing down the Danube to Romania, or by rail.

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