The strong transfer… beams of Panathinaikos

The strong transfer… beams of Panathinaikos
The strong transfer… beams of Panathinaikos

Which footballers got a breather from Panathinaikos last summer and their transfers fell through at the last minute?

THE Panathinaikos completed his transfer support with nine footballers. The beginning was made with Yuri Lodygin. Christian Ganea followed. Then Adam Cerin, Hordur Magnuson, Andraj Sporar and Benjamin Verbitz. Then… the bombshell went off with Bernard and Trugiet, Chokai being the additions that completed the puzzle for the I teamvan Jovanovic.

The summer for the “clover” didn’t only have successes but, of course, it also had transfers that broke down in the… 90’s, it had “beams” that pushed back the transfer planning. Cases of footballers who suited the coach’s wishes but for various reasons never wore the green.

Who were they?

  • The Austrian midfielder, Alessandro Sepp. In mid-June, Panathinaikos had secured the footballer’s signature in a preliminary agreement. But he disappeared. Literally. After about three weeks he made his appearance again, asking for 800,000 euros per year instead of the 550,000 that had been agreed upon. The negotiation initially “froze”, then it continued, went through several phases and in the final, Sepp ended up in Vancouver.
  • The French midfielder, Remy Campbell in mid-July. Panathinaikos has been looking for top-shelf moves throughout the summer and the former ace of Krasnodar, Marseille and Newcastle had verbally agreed to a contract close to 1 million euros. In the hours when the transfer would take the road to implementation with the exchange of documents and the issuance of tickets for Athens, Lille entered the game of his acquisition. In the Super League 1 or Ligue 1 dilemma, Campela made the… logical decision and continued his career in his home league.
  • The 30-year-old Danish midfielder, Fredrik Julbrandsen. The “clover” had been fighting for his acquisition for a long time, he had covered all the player’s demands at the beginning of July (over 1 million euros) and all that was left was to take the plane to Greece. At the last moment, however, he cited personal reasons. He found a team at the end of the auction and continues in Adana Demirspor.

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