Mitsotakis: I am open to dialogue, Mr. Erdogan does not want to talk to me

Mitsotakis: I am open to dialogue, Mr. Erdogan does not want to talk to me
Mitsotakis: I am open to dialogue, Mr. Erdogan does not want to talk to me

The prime minister referred to the Turkish provocation, Kyriakos Mitsotakisspeaking to Council on Foreign Relationsin New York.

He emphasized that he himself had always sought one constructive relationship with Turkey, however, pointed out that Turkey signed an EEZ agreement with Libya that ignores the existence of Greek islands, a geographical oddity. “Then we have the instrumentalization of immigrants and the questioning of our islands,” he underlined.

“It is difficult for me to imagine how the relationship between the two countries will recover as long as Turkey behaves like this. But, if Turkey continues on this path, it will isolate itself from both Europe and the US. And if Turkey wants to play in another sphere of influence, so be it, but it is a member of NATO. And it is the only NATO country that does not impose sanctions on Russia,” he added.

He reiterated that “I am always open to solve problems through dialogue, Mr. Erdogan does not want to talk to me. But I’ve heard it before and we ended up talking. I will continue to insist that there is only one framework of rules for dispute resolution, international law and the international law of the sea. But it doesn’t solve differences with aggressive behavior and the restoration of imperial fantasies, but also inflammatory rhetoric.”

Referring to the Greek economy, he said that it is developing beyond expectations, while the government has managed to make the country an attractive destination for foreign investments. He predicted that the Greek economy will continue to grow next year, even if the Eurozone is in recession, and added that “we have reasons to be optimistic.”

He added that the ND will prevail in the elections, so there is no risk of uncertainty in Greece, and investors see this.

He emphasized that ND maintains a lead of up to 9 points: “It is a good starting point for the elections. We have said that we want to govern with an absolute majority and this is what we will ask of the Greek citizens. If they reward us, it’s fine. If not, we will have to form some form of government. In any case, the country will be governed.”

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