On the side of the apple producers of Eordaia, the Mayor Panagiotis Plakentas

On the side of the apple producers of Eordaia, the Mayor Panagiotis Plakentas
On the side of the apple producers of Eordaia, the Mayor Panagiotis Plakentas

The Mayor of Eordaia expresses his solidarity and practical support for the apple producers of Eordaia who are facing economic disaster

Panagiotis Plakentas, since while the time of harvest has arrived the merchants were late to show up, since as everything shows they want to take their production for granted.

As apple producers of both Eastern and Western Iordia complain, traders give an “open price” for their apples. In other words, they refuse a pre-agreed price or the purchase price is below their cost, as a result of which the apple producers are in despair, since this year they have an excellent production and they expected with the prices they will achieve to cover at least part of the losses of the previous years.

However, traders are giving prices for alpha-quality apples that used to be given for apples going to the landfill – at best, risking the apples remaining on the trees, unsold. Because at the time when traders are giving humiliating prices, the apple producers are asked to pay 35 euros a day to the workers for harvesting the apples, plus gasoline for their transport, with the result that not even part of the production costs are covered.

“Our farmers cannot be left in the hands of traders, who want to take their harvest at degrading prices, at prices that are far below the cost of production. There are people who owe money and are at risk of going to jail,” Panagiotis said. Plakentas and emphasized that the state cannot remain a spectator. It must bow down to the problem, establish a minimum purchase price ceiling – based on selling prices to the consumer, and support farmers in practice so that they can meet their standing obligations.

The Municipality of Eordaia is already taking the relevant initiative to notify the Minister of Rural Development, the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia and all the MPs of the Kozani Municipality of the problem, to take measures to relieve the apple orchards of Eordaia, as otherwise they will be led to financial disaster with mathematical precision .

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