How telecommuting is ‘inflating’ electricity bills | News about the Economy

How telecommuting is ‘inflating’ electricity bills | News about the Economy
How telecommuting is ‘inflating’ electricity bills | News about the Economy

THE work at home may not constitute the perfect choice in this time period. And this, because it can significantly “inflate” them electricity bills, burdening the family budget even more.

It is characteristic that, according to data from the platform Uswitch for the UK, each household is likely to be burdened with the sum of £131 per month in his case “work from home”.

But let’s take things from the beginning. A typical UK household is estimated to pay a monthly sum of £363 for gas and electricity during the quarter of October – November – December.

However, an employee, who is employed from home, may increase the daily use of gas for heating by 75% and the daily use of electricity for cooking and other household tasks vs 25%. This will automatically “inflate” your electricity bills to 494 pounds per month, i.e. by 131 pounds more.

The larger households, in fact, which they would normally pay £513 per monththey will be asked to take out of pocket and give 698 pounds, that is one an additional amount of £185.

Concerning the smaller households, which on average will pay £243 per month, working from home can increase the bills to £330, ie +£87 every month.

Speaking to Bloomberg, a Uswitch spokesperson said that “working from home during the colder months of the year will prove more expensive as workers will need more energy to heat themselves.”

But it’s not just heating. The longer a worker is at home, the greater the energy needs for cooking, tea, electrical appliances, etc.

Taking these into account, it would not be an exaggeration to argue that going to the office will be considered more economical in winter, especially for those who do not need a lot of money to commute to their workplace.

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