Romania: Wants 32 F-35s in first phase

Romania: Wants 32 F-35s in first phase
Romania: Wants 32 F-35s in first phase

Romania is seeking a total of 48 5th generation F-35 fighter jets from the US, Romanian press reports. Initially, 32 aircraft will be purchased, which will later be joined by another 16. The estimated cost for the 32 approaches $6.5 billion, according to Romanian reports.

The approval of the Romanian Parliament is requested for the plan. In a recent interview, Angel Tilvar, the country’s defense minister, noted that the first fighters could be delivered in 2032, provided the agreement is signed in 2024 (a hint perhaps for the Greek order?). The Romanian Air Force now has 17 F-16AM/BM fighters and is in the process of receiving another 32 used F-16AM/BM.

Romania: Decided to buy F-35 from the US

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