Mrs Russia: Wild cazoura online for the winner of the beauty pageants

Mrs Russia: Wild cazoura online for the winner of the beauty pageants
Mrs Russia: Wild cazoura online for the winner of the beauty pageants

A beauty pageant held last Monday night at Moscow has sparked backlash on both Russian and international social media, with hundreds of commentators targeting and ‘cold-bloodedly shooting’ the contestant who was eventually crowned ‘Mrs. Russia». THE Natalia Oscar, winner of beauty pageants in which married women participate, declared on Instagram that she was overjoyed for this important distinction, thanking the jury and all the organizers of the event. Unfortunately, however, her compatriots did not take kindly to her victory, since, immediately after the beauty contest, Russian social media was flooded with messages of anger and frustration. “Not even the crown could cover her pouty lips”, “You couldn’t find any with less silicone?”, “Well, are the judges blind?” were some of the comments from viewers of the pageant, who felt it was unfair to the other contestants that a woman with such a… love for plastic surgery was chosen as the winner.

Another thing that made a huge impression on social media users was the stark difference between Oscar’s photos from the pageant night, compared to those posted on her profile on Instagram. Several commentators slammed ‘Mrs Russia’ for her ‘misleading’ posts online, comparing her appearance in them to the unflattering images from the final night.

Some of the photos Natalia has posted online:

In accordance with NEXTA agencyafter the uproar caused by the selection of Natalia Oscar as the winner of the pageants, the organizers of the contest “Mrs Russia 2023” issued a statement where they talk about “bad photos from the wrong angle” that distort the image of the beauty.

“This year we decided to simplify the criteria for the participants, since this is not a beauty pageant for models but for married women. We were very surprised by the reaction of the public. The photos were bad, taken from low down. This person is very different in real life,” said one of the organizers.

With information from Ria Novosti, NEXTA

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