After complaints about Greece, Erdogan said two US senators are positive

After complaints about Greece, Erdogan said two US senators are positive
After complaints about Greece, Erdogan said two US senators are positive

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Reuters he had received a “positive” response from two US senators he met in New York about their support for the sale of fighter jets. F-16 in his country.

Turkey asked last October to buy from the US 40 F-16 fighters of Lockheed Martin Corp and nearly 80 modernization packages for aircraft it already owns.

They speak positivelyErdogan told Reuters ahead of his meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

In recent days the Turkish president met with Senators Lindsey Graham and Chris Coons.

When asked if he would meet US President Joe Biden, Erdogan replied that he would attend the reception hosted by the American leader.

According to the official schedules of both presidents, no meeting between them has been scheduled so far.

Turkey’s complaints about the F-16 Vipers received by Greece

It is recalled that the delivery of the first two upgraded F16 Vipers had provoked reactions in the press of Turkey, with Turkish newspapers even expressing complaints about the attitude of the USA. “While the US is obstructing Turkey, even in the delivery of spare parts, it has already delivered two F-16s, and will deliver another 81,” Milliyet reported characteristically, with Sozcu noting that “Greece received two F-16s that were modernized with US support”.

A Haber spoke about the “intervention” of the USA “against Turkey”, stating that “after the crises that happened with Greece came the intervention of the USA against Turkey. They are modernizing 83 F-16s and already delivering two.”

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