Difficult times for Elpida Ninou – They evict her and Petros Filippidis from their home – News

Difficult times for Elpida Ninou – They evict her and Petros Filippidis from their home – News
Difficult times for Elpida Ninou – They evict her and Petros Filippidis from their home – News

Things have been dark for Petros Filippidis after the court’s decision to release him from prison until the final decision. The trial is ongoing and in a few days the wife of Elpidas Ninos and Spyros Bibilas are expected to testify.

Today, Saturday 3/9, the lawyer of Michalis Dimitrakopoulos spoke on the show Smile and Again, conveying all the developments around. He first revealed that the actor suffers from aggressive diabetes, and then talked about how he spent the summer after the accusations.

They kick Philippides and Nino out of their house

As the lawyer mentioned, Petros Filippides and his wife are looking for a new house, as the owner of their house notified him to leave, because of the reactions they have caused problems in the neighborhood. So he has started looking for a new home in Pagrati or Patisia.

He also mentioned that in Ioannina, where his family is, he did not face such issues, apart from a slogan written on a wall on the last day of his stay there.

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Intense scene in Friday’s trial

On Friday 2/9, the trial for the name of Petros Filippidis continued and this time the girlfriend and the father of the second complainant testified in the courtroom, who recently learned what he says his daughter experienced.

These two persons also moved in a similar line, as after the witness who testified on Thursday 1/9, there was again an intense scene between the accused and the persons on the other side. The fact that Filippidis took the floor at one point and responded ironically to the complainant’s friend is characteristic.

I am very sorry, Mr. Filippidis,” said the friend of the second complainant, addressing the accused shortly before finishing her testimony. “Me too” Filippidis answered her from the bench.

The father of the second complainant also testified in court today, who learned what happened to his daughter a year ago. “I was watching what was happening on TV. I took my daughter that Mr. Filippidis has issues. And he told me that I am also one of the victims.

I have hired a lawyer. At first I kind of saw it. Aesthetically, I didn’t like it. Not my daughter’s, the whole story. When I spoke with her and she told me what happened mainly after the incident, I urged her to continue the complaint,” he said.

The witness described how he introduced his daughter to a friend of his, who sent her along with her resume to Petros Filippidis. “He booked her an appointment with Filippidis and she came back excited. He gave her some role, she would make a replacement in Thessaloniki. I think he told her he would promote her to Mega as well. She also auditioned for mega and then they told her that they didn’t hire her.”

President: What did he tell you about the role in the theater?

Witness: She came back excited, but after some time she said she didn’t get the role.

President: Did he tell you why they didn’t take her?


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