Saint Nektarios, He was as if alive when I worshiped him!

Saint Nektarios, He was as if alive when I worshiped him!
Saint Nektarios, He was as if alive when I worshiped him!

Saint Nektarios Bishop of Pentapolis the Wonderworker (1846-1920).

(Edited by Stelios Koukos)

[Μαρτυρία Μήτσου Παυλινέρη]:
Let me tell you something about the time of the funeral that I will not forget as long as I live. At one point when Archimandrite Panteleimon Fostinis was speaking [μετέπειτα Μητροπολίτης]took hold of the Saint’s right hand and raised it, crucifying the world with it.

As soon as I understood what was happening – I was then on the steps of the cistern – I went and stood at the door of the Church (before, I had gone out into the courtyard) and I saw it!

“Bless, holy father Nektarios, your world that came to bid you farewell” said Faustinis and crossed us all with the hand of the Saint.

The hand made all the movements, as if it were alive! Even if days had passed since his Sleep…

After three years, he was taken out of the earth. They took him to Gerontiko. Where the Vault is. Opposite the Sanctuary.

The nun Nektaria came to the house and told us to go and worship him. I’m saying it now and I shudder (s.s. the barba-Mitsos gets emotional).

I was sixteen years old then. It was, I remember, his face covered with the “air,” the covering of the Grail.

His beard was showing. I bowed. His hand was warm! Well, mine is colder now that I’m talking to you! But I was shaken, to say the least. Leaving, I caught my jacket in the doorknob and tore. I was excited, I was a child – how the Despot drew me!

I will not forget how alive he was when I worshiped him! (s.s. the barba-Mitsos continues to weep. His voice is beautiful. The tears flow like streams).

When Anakomidi took place and I saw Saint Kara, so bare bones, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt sorry for him that he broke up (s.s. cries again).

As for the fragrance I heard in the Monastery, what can I tell you! What a thing that was! It was as if millions of lilies were growing all around and were smelling of musk; as if it were flower rain.

Once, then and later, we were building a duvari with the barba-Mihalis Borbola…
At some point he turns and says to me:
– Mitso, are you obsessed with perfumes?

If it were possible…

Excerpt from the book by Manolis Melinos, “I spoke with Saint Nektarios, Interviews with 30+1 people who knew him”, volume one.

The article is in Greek

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