He rents a caravan at the prices of… Kolonaki!

It was published 01/09/2022 20:50

We know that real estate prices have gotten out of hand in our country.

Students, low-wage earners and young parents who do not own a property find it extremely difficult to find housing. On the one hand, salaries have remained the same, bills have increased and so have rental costs. The rise of airbnb and rising prices and energy have created an explosive cocktail of… housing crisis!


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Especially in the big cities the prices have escaped upwards! Unfortunately, Crete could not be absent from this trend. The choice of owners to make their property available on airbnb, the high demand of students and also workers during the tourist season, have increased the rents.

But one Chaniotis took it to another level. On a well-known real estate rental platform, he listed his mobile home at a price of 200 euros/month for a mobile home of 12 square meters, i.e. 16.6 euros per square meter… for a mobile home! No one knows what dream our fellow resident had and rents the square meter in Chania at Kolonaki prices.

As the ad says:

“A comfortable caravan, with perimeter insulation!!! Separate kitchen (external – protected)!! Normal toilet, bathroom and covered corridor that joins the spaces. THE VIEW IS INCREDIBLE. Right next to the sea, in a wonderful place!!!”

The pictures speak for themselves and we leave the comments for you:

Source: https://www.daynight.gr/

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