Weather: Dangerous phenomena from today

Weather: Dangerous phenomena from today
Weather: Dangerous phenomena from today

The weather will remain unsettled and today, according to the meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis, great care should be taken tomorrow.

In particular, strong storms will occur in several areas tomorrow afternoon capable of creating local problems even.

Marousakis forecast in detail

As Klearchos Marousakis said, “a low barometric pressure continues to concern Italy and the northern Balkans, which, moving further east, occasionally causes unsettled weather in our region as well.

As we can see in the rainfall map that covers the Old Continent, this development causes heavy rains and storms in these areas.

Starting this afternoon, this bad weather system will cause further deterioration of the weather conditions in our country initially in Macedonia, Halkidiki, northern Thessaly and also the western northwestern Aegean with the main characteristics being strong storms, hail and intense lightning.

During the night and also tomorrow Friday, these phenomena will concern several areas of the Ionian sea, the continental core and the western and northern Aegean.

The areas that will be affected include both Attica and Thessaloniki.

Attached to the comments below is a rain-storm map for tomorrow.”


The article is in Greek

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