EU: On September 14 the plan for a ceiling on energy prices, the Greek proposal

EU: On September 14 the plan for a ceiling on energy prices, the Greek proposal
EU: On September 14 the plan for a ceiling on energy prices, the Greek proposal

The “revelation” of the pan-European plan for energy prices, which will be made by the president of the Commission on September 14, is awaited with great interest.

The head of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, will present the European Commission’s proposals for imposing a ceiling on energy prices in a speech on September 14, a senior European official said.

“Von der Leyen, our president, will present it in more detail on September 14,” Mechtild Versdorfer, deputy director-general of the Commission’s energy service, revealed during a meeting of the European Parliament’s Energy Committee.

It should be noted that Athens has already announced the Greek proposals for the energy market. Ahead of the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Energy Ministers on September 9, the responsible minister Kostas Skrekas informed his European counterparts, in a letter sent to them, of the excess revenue recovery mechanism from the electricity production companies, the money we have recovered in the first 55 days of its implementation as well as the Greek proposal for a permanent European mechanism that decouples natural gas prices from electricity prices.

The Greek proposals, according to Mr. Skrekas, are included in a letter from the Commission’s Gas coordination group, in which regulators from all EU countries participate. The letter mentions both the proposal to disconnect the electricity from the price of natural gas and the temporary mechanism to withdraw the excess revenues of the generating company.

In the letter from the Gas coordination group, the Iberian Peninsula implemented by Spain and Portugal is referred to as “model III”, and member states are asked to decide which is the most suitable to be implemented centrally in Europe, according to the minister.

According to information, a first picture of the climate that is being formed internally in Europe will appear at the working meeting that will take place in Brussels at the level of technical levels and experts from all member states, two days before the extraordinary session of September 9. Logically, Europe will move within the framework of proposals submitted by countries of the South, including Greece.

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