Today the guest appearance on “Numbers” by Phoebus Delivorias

The second episode of his musical comedy Phoebus Delivoria and Spyros Kribalis “The numbers” on ERT is shown today, Friday 23 September at 22:00, and the spotlights will all fall on Natasha Bofiliou, who plays the first “guest” in “Nea Mantra”. However, the demon Phoebus Delivorias managed to secure yet another glamorous guest for the show. We are talking about Fai Skordas, who will make the leap from presentation to fiction to a key role, if only for a while.

A few words about the case:

The first guest of Phoebus in his “New Mantra” is Natassa Bofiliou. However, shortly before the “premiere” the artist is sued for something she wrote on Twitter and ends up in detention. Strong as he is, he refuses to retract and apologize, jeopardizing the entire venture.

To save the situation, he takes action Thanasis Alevras, who disguises himself as Natasha and takes her place on stage. Unfortunately, that night at the center Fai Scordas appears, who wants to interview Natassa for her show.

Fai Skorda is not the first presenter / journalist to make a guest appearance in a serial. It was preceded by Katerina Kainourgiou and, even earlier, by Liana Kaneli.

Take a look at the spartan second episode of the musical comedy “The Numbers”:



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