Highest honor for the Mayor of Almopia

Highest honor for the Mayor of Almopia
Highest honor for the Mayor of Almopia

The Mayor of Almopia, Christos Batsis, was honored with an honorary plaque from the Republic of Serbia.

Christos Batsis welcomed to the City Hall members of the government of Serbia as well as top officials of the neighboring country.

In fact, the Serbs presented the Mayor with a medal and an honorary plaque bearing his name.

The Mayor for his part stated

I received today at the Almopia Town Hall a delegation of the Serbian government, namely Mr. Miodrag Kapor, Zoran Antic and the Consuls Mrs. Jasmina Milacic & Mr. Marko Stojanovic.

Our country maintains strong historical and religious ties with Serbia, which we must preserve and develop. In the meeting we had we discussed the cooperation development frameworks of the two sides.

Finally, I want to thank the members of the Serbian delegation for the honor they gave me and presented me with an honorary plaque of the Republic of Serbia.

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