Investigate his complaints

Investigate his complaints
Investigate his complaints

Announcement about what SYRIZA MP Husein Zeibek said about the “Turkish minority” in Thrace through the complaints he made about threats against him issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

In a post on the official Twitter account of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara on the one hand uses the “pass” of the SYRIZA MP and states that “we stand by the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace, who did not give up their fight for human rights and freedom, despite the threats and pressures” and on the other hand addresses the Greek authorities with the phrase “we expect the Greek authorities to investigate this serious event and to punish the perpetrators».

The Muslim member of parliament, who a few days ago again occupied the public spotlight on the occasion of the election of a pseudo mufti in Xanthi, gave an interview to the Turkish TV “A Haber” and hastened to assure his interlocutors that he will continue to defend the rights of the Turkish (p. p. so he called it) of a minority in Western Thrace!

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His statements provoked her immediate reaction New Republic. The party’s MP and head of international relations Tasos Hatzivasileiou in his post accompanied by the relevant video he notes: “Xanthi Member of Parliament of @syriza_gr Husein Zeibek declares on Turkish television: “We will continue to defend the rights of the Turkish minority”. Finally, why do opposition parties show tolerance for such unacceptable positions of their MPs?”

It is worth noting that a few days ago the Hussain Zeibek attended a meeting of the Turkish consulate in Komotini with “compatriots” from Xanthi, in view of the election of a pseudo mufti.

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