North Korea is ‘hacking’ the World Cup

North Korea is ‘hacking’ the World Cup
North Korea is ‘hacking’ the World Cup

THE North Korea has not made any deal for the World Cup TV rights, but that does not prevent it from broadcasting the matches on its state television.

Her income FIFA (and) from the television rights for this year World Cup record prices have been reached. The global interest in the top football event remains high despite the “shadows” of the event in Qatar and over 125 countriesfrom Greece to… Aruba, have paid to secure it “packet” of transmissions.

This is not true for North Koreawhich, however, is not deprived of watching the World Cup.

The World Cup is broadcast normally in the Asian country, except that it is done… pirated. Its citizens watched it Qatar-Ecuador and all Monday’s (21/11) games from state TV, which didn’t pay a cent but that didn’t stop her from broadcasting a pirate signal to her receivers and it seems she will continue like this until the final.

It is unknown if the situation is troubling her FIFA, which, after all, through Gianni Infantino, conveyed how has explored the possibility of hosting a future World Cup in North Korea.

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