“Savvidis has not given up on PAOK, he is more involved than ever…”

“Savvidis has not given up on PAOK, he is more involved than ever…”
“Savvidis has not given up on PAOK, he is more involved than ever…”

Lefteris Doukas, PAOK PAOK’s communication manager, gave answers to many questions that concern the people of PAOK in a radio interview granted on Tuesday night (20/9).

His occupation Ivan Savvidis with the commons of the group, in combination with his long-term absence from the Thessalonikithe rumors of “teammate” involvement in PAOK PAOKtransfers and New Toumba were some of the topics that occupied tonight’s presence of the communication manager, Lefteris Doukas, in a radio show of the organized fans of “Dikephalos”.

In more detail what he said:

“Look, an official announcement has never been made. Ivan Savvidis said in a recent teleconference that he always wants to come out first and the history of PAOK and his investments explain it from the beginning. I am talking about the investments in PAOK. To be honest, I think the excitement was greater then. PAE is always next to its audience. Management is always close to the world. Unless you’re talking about something specific, which I can’t think of right now.”

Regarding the attitude of Ivan Savvidis and his absence from Thessaloniki:

“Regarding the attitude of Savvidis, let’s not forget that from then until today a global pandemic has intervened. On top of that, the country he operates in is in the eye of the storm due to a war. Since everyone’s lives have changed, it stands to reason that his life has changed as well. Because he cannot come to Greece, he is more involved with the team. Maybe because he misses PAOK, he tries to make up for it in this way from a distance. First of all, I answered the disappearance a while ago.

Because he cannot come as he used to, the hours he spends are much longer. If the war stopped tomorrow and things returned to normal, Savvidis would do what he did in previous years. Because he doesn’t seem like a presence in Thessaloniki and he misses PAOK and the lifelong friction deals more hours with the team. How interested he is can be seen in the annual G.S. and in the AMCs. Every year we read about the millions that Savvidis puts in. I talked about the pandemic and the war, things that do not depend on us. Keep in mind that good generals do not need to fight themselves. The best strategists are the ones who make the best plans. I remember the case of Xanthi which was a defeat for Olympiakos. The biggest part of the strategy was defined by Ivan Savvidis. Realizing people’s sadness and insecurity, I make it clear that he deals with PAOK more than he did in previous years because he misses PAOK”.

About the rumors about Mystakidis involvement, the delays on the field and the steps behind the team

“Regarding the succession situation, his daily occupation is his son, Giorgos Savvidis. Who recently also came to Tuba. I don’t think the question of a teammate should be raised as long as Ivan Savvidis is in PAOK. To answer you. PAE often responds with its behavior. There is no need to declare or announce anything. During the previous period that was delayed by the presidential decree, he was invited to some meetings and preferred to stay away. PAOK in recent years, with the exception of last year and in 19-20, PAOK wins titles. Last year the team had an excellent run in Europe. This doesn’t look like an abandoned team taking steps backwards to me. We are talking about football and we are not the only ones playing. The others also participate. Failing to get a title doesn’t mean you’ve taken steps back.”

For the roster and the “wrong” picks:

“Let’s talk names. We are talking about Qualiata. Next to every Qualiata there is a Kotarski, a Narey. Any player can come and adapt, others are slow to adapt. You can’t put anyone in a mold. Qualiata is a kid, literally, who came from another continent and doesn’t even know English. Let’s be a little flexible with Qualiata and every Qualiata. We are talking about the month of September. Botto had stated before the finale of last year that 90% of the roster would go to the Netherlands and so it happened. Can you find me a team from the so-called Big-4, which until yesterday or the day before yesterday was not looking for a football player? Asking for the ideal, the perfect, is easy. To make a transfer, the technical director must propose, the coach must agree, Ivan Savvidis must approve. All teams after friendlies and previous matches see what is wrong and fix it. I don’t remember another year when PAOK left for preparation with an almost complete roster. PAOK didn’t ask for any player, PAOK got along with Volos and didn’t get along with the manager. I read what is written right and left, I have no idea how we begged Fernandes”.

For Nea Toumba and if it is possible to be ready by 2026:

“Look it’s something I wish for. I’m looking forward to it and I’m hoping, I’m hoping it has to do with the fact that in Greece there are always delays, a country ruled by bureaucracy. I have the impression and rely on Savvidis’ nerve and Pontic head that we will succeed”.

The article is in Greek

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