It wasn’t just the song: This is the second unknown profession of Haroula Alexiou! – Gossip

It wasn’t just the song: This is the second unknown profession of Haroula Alexiou! – Gossip
It wasn’t just the song: This is the second unknown profession of Haroula Alexiou! – Gossip

The world may have met and loved her through music, but Haroula Alexiou has not stopped exploring other ways of artistic expression. One of them is literary translation.

In fact, the well-known performer had received an Award years ago from the Hellenic Society of Literary Translators. Her translation of the book Always Heroes by French author Fabien Marsaud, published by Metaichmio in early 2014, was judged the best of the year.


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The book tells the twelve-month adventure of the French artist Grand Corps Malade, who due to an accident left him a paraplegic but after a year of intensive treatment managed to walk again against the predictions of his doctors.

Haris Alexiou shivers: “My name is Hariklia Rupaka and I got cancer…”

Haris Alexiou: The well-known singer has given a series of interviews. However, she is particularly revealing when she gives an interview. As a result, if one can piece together the pieces of her interviews, one can learn a lot about her tumultuous life. In more detail:


“I came to life in 1950 in a refugee camp in Thebes and since I was eight years old I have been living and being inspired in Athens. My name is Hariklia Rupaka. My roots are “entangled”, with a farmer father and an Asia Minor mother. I knew from a young age the difficulties of life and managed to express them later with my voice and my lyrics. I am named after my grandmother.

I lived in a house open to all. Feasting and joy were a daily routine for my family. But everything changes when I lose my father, Thanasis, at just 8 years old. My mother Iphigenia, a strong woman, takes me and my brother and we go down to Athens for a better life. There, he opens a grocery store, the “widow’s grocery store” as many in the neighborhood called it.

I help in the shop, and at the same time I also work in a real estate office, while my brother travels on the ships to help the family financially. My mother had to work hard, we constantly changed houses even if it was 10 drachmas cheaper rent… Later, my mother built a shed which was only bricks and entered from everywhere. Even the windows were used. But it was our first acquisition and we were happy in it.

Haris Alexiou shivers:


Haroula Alexiou: What else has he declared?

I was a child who, when his mother would give him a harsh word, would not react, but would lower his eyes and cry. I lost my mother when I was 28 years old. That’s when I felt like I came of age. Another fact that cost me, was that I did not manage to get educated to the extent I wanted. I finished fifth grade school and later went to drama school because I wanted to have an education. My first recording in 1970 was a folk song by Vasiliadis and Pythagoras, “When a woman drinks”.

This recording was intended for Nana Harma, daughter of Duo Harma and a fine folk singer. I had just auditioned at the then Odeon, this girl was away in America, but the song had to be written as the flip side of a 45rpm record. So they said “let’s put the new one”. It was done, it was a success and after this song followed Kaldara’s “Mikra Asia”. Achilleas Theophilou was my mentor.

Achilles made me love reading. Until then I had the appeal, but I was also an uneducated child from my home. This man had French culture, we listened to music together, he introduced me to Brassens and Brel, we read poetry. Very big love! I owe him a lot! In the song “Ballad of Iphigenia” I described the life next to my mother “you had lost your husband and I had lost my parent and then mother good mother then I named you my leader”.

Haris Alexiou shivers:

I got cancer. But I said: No, I will not let him defeat me. I also lost my mother from this… I was lucky, because I caught him. Doing my mammogram, like every year, I found out. What you get from such an event is humiliation, because you never think that it will happen to you. So when you lose the ground under your feet, you see that you too are a little heart that needs care.

I have a son who looks after me, loves me, takes care of me, I am proud of him because he is very creative, he is a very sweet child and he knows what he wants. I am a person who can cry. I have felt the melancholy, the introversion in moments of tension and joy, in many of my live shows. I think I’m both lonely and introverted. Not very lonely, but I am. I don’t want to make loneliness my friend. I do not like it. Loneliness is a disease…

I couldn’t live if I didn’t have humor, I would be sick. I cannot imagine my life without the ability to laugh, even at my own expense. For me the man is a myth. I wanted to admire him, to be moved by him… If I fall in love today, I will fall in love with fists, as if I have not experienced the loves of the past. I’m full of life, I’m ashamed to say I’m not. But I want more. To be in action. I wake up and get up nicely from my bed. One hop and I’m up. I’ll tell you, one thing, I don’t want them to do to me: Honorary fiestas. Because that will mean we’re done.

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