“PASOK changed the course of the country”

“PASOK changed the course of the country”
“PASOK changed the course of the country”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of PASOK, the lawyer and municipal councilor of Larissa

of the “PR.VALUE” faction Akis Nasiokas stated the following: “On September 3, 1974, Andreas Papandreou founded the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PA.SO.K.). It was the continuation of the PAK with the cooperation of the Democratic Defense and other fighters against the junta. The establishment of PA.SO.K. created new data in the political scene of the country. For the first time, a socialist movement appears, beyond the space of the traditional left, which aspired to play a leading role in the political scene, uniting the fragmented progressive space.
Despite the “childhood illnesses” of the early years, it achieves something that theoretically seems impossible: it becomes massive so quickly, that within 7 years of its establishment it manages to double its percentage, and in October 1981 it forms an independent government. His long-term government presence is combined with very large cuts, which change Greece. The National Health System (ESH), the Mediterranean Integrated Programs, the recognition of the National Resistance, the modernization of Family Law, the ASEP and the entrance to the Military and Police Schools through the Panhellenic Examinations, the Entry of Greece into the EMU and Cyprus into European Union, the construction of the Rio-Antirio Bridge, the “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport, the Athens Metro, the capture of “November 17” and “ELA”, DIAUGIA, are just some of the achievements of the PA governments. SHOCK. In the scale of history, the achievements of the PA.SO.K governments are much more than the mistakes, which there certainly were. Today PASOK-CHANGE MOVEMENT, coming out of a very difficult decade, for the country as well, renewed and with new dynamics, is called to breathe new life into our Greece, ensuring a better future for everyone. The future is in our hands!”

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