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Weekend with good weather in Arcadia

Weekend with good weather in Arcadia
Weekend with good weather in Arcadia

The weather will be good on the weekend in Arcadia, the first of September.

With temperatures from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius and sunshine, with short periods of cloud cover on Sunday, those who want will enjoy another swim in coastal Arcadia.

The weather in the country

The weather will remain unstable tomorrow, Saturday, September 3. More specifically, clouds are expected in the northern and eastern continental areas and in the Northern Aegean, which will gradually be limited to the northeast. At noon and in the afternoon, local cloudiness will develop mainly in the rest of the continental highlands, in the highlands of Crete, but also in the continental plains.

Local rains and storms will occur from the morning in Thrace, Eastern Macedonia and the Northern Aegean, but after the afternoon they will weaken considerably. There is a possibility of local rains in the afternoon and in the afternoon in the east of Thessaly and in Sterea, in Evia and in the mountains of Crete. Visibility until morning will be locally limited. Dust concentrations in the atmosphere of the Aegean and the eastern and northern continents will be relatively high.

The temperature at normal levels for the season, according to the meteo of the National Observatory of Athens, will range in Western Macedonia from 14 to 27 degrees Celsius, in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 20 to 31, in Thessaly from 21 to 32, in Epirus from 16 to 30, in Sterea from 19 to 32, in the Peloponnese from 18 to 32, in the Ionian Islands from 19 to 29, in the Northern Aegean Islands from 20 to 29 degrees, in the Eastern Aegean Islands from 19 to 34, in Cyclades from 20 to 31, in the Dodecanese from 24 to 30 and in Crete from 19 to 32 degrees Celsius.

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