After the heat, a new wave of bad weather

After the heat, a new wave of bad weather
After the heat, a new wave of bad weather

With rains and storms, the day will flow today mainly in the central, eastern and southern regions. According to Clearchos Marousakis, this instability affects our country due to a low barometric pressure from southern Italy.

However, overnight the weather will improve and the temperature will rise over the weekend.

The showers and temporary local storms will be more intense in the eastern continental areas, in the western Aegean and also in the southernmost marine parts, as the meteorologist of OREN said.

To the west, sunshine will prevail, while the temperature will not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

In Attica, it will be sunny, however towards noon and afternoon some local clouds may give rain mainly in the eastern and northern parts of the prefecture. The temperature will not exceed 23 degrees Celsius.

At Thessaloniki, the weather will be unsettled while local rains are expected to occur in the region of Haldiki. However, from the evening onwards the phenomena will begin to subside. The mercury at 22 degrees in the city center.

The weather is improving from Friday evening and the normal temperatures for the season will return over the weekend to bring rain again on Monday in the western and northwestern parts, concluded Klearchos Marousakis.

See the forecast from Clearchos Marousakis:

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