DW: Where is Erdogan going? -The cocktail for another crisis is ready

DW: Where is Erdogan going? -The cocktail for another crisis is ready
DW: Where is Erdogan going? -The cocktail for another crisis is ready

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech from the floor of the UN General Assembly leaves questions as to whether he is moving towards a change of axis, with an orientation outside of NATO.

Deutsche Welle mentions the above in an article, and continues:

A few hours before Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization, Tayyip Erdogan told an American media outlet that the Russian president is ready to end the war in Ukraine.


Turkey’s president traveled to the US from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference after declaring his intention to join it.

In his speech at the United Nations, he attacked the West and Greece – not only for the refugee issue, but also the USA, asking them not to support the YPG, as well as the EU, stressing that for 52 years Turkey has been in the vestibule. He didn’t just mock Greece and its prime minister, but implicitly but clearly stated that they “try things above their limits and make a fool of themselves”, while stressing that peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean depend on a fair distribution of wealth.

Analysts in Turkey are now debating whether Turkey is moving towards a change of axis, turning a blind eye to Russia.

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Another crisis on the doorstep?

The question that arises now is whether it is an oriental bargain with the aim of lifting the embargo from the US or whether the close relationship with Putin, to whom it also gives an economic outlet, as it does not apply sanctions, is really leading Ankara to other, outside NATO, alliances.

The explosive scene is also made up by the objections to militarization, the Turkish drones and fighters flying in the Aegean, the closed communication channels between Greece and Turkey, the research “Oruts Race”, which goes to the Eastern Mediterranean near the area where its new drilling rig is located of Turkey, “Abdulhamit”.

At the same time, Turkish media are talking about migrants at the long-distance bus station in Edirne, who say they intend to cross the border.

In short, the cocktail for another crisis is ready. Whether and where it will ultimately arise will be determined by the behind-the-scenes details and the composure shown by the two sides of the Aegean.


Source: Deutsche Welle

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