Predictions for today, Saturday, August 3, 2022

Predictions for today, Saturday, August 3, 2022
Predictions for today, Saturday, August 3, 2022

How will your Saturday be? What does your zodiac sign and horoscope predict for today, according to astrologer Litsa Petridis?

Today’s transit of the Moon encourages your lighter, more spontaneous side. This transit is not only about escaping from the ordinary, but expanding your experiences and your mind. Today’s Moon-Mars opposition may find you working in a tense environment and you may need to aim, focus and concentrate more. With a little challenging aspect between the Sun and Pluto active don’t let power games with someone or worrisome work issues get you down.

You’re mostly focused on an emotional or private matter today with the Moon in your solar 8th house all day. There can be an exciting meeting or discovery, and it’s very easy to work with people with different goals. Discussions can be about money, business or property matters. Your increased focus on complex emotions can affect your productivity.

There may be some feelings of frustration as you may face delays and stress today. Someone in your life may be jealous or deceitful. Today’s Sun-Pluto minor transit prompts us to avoid a direct route to our goals. While you’re willing to go your own way with Mars in your sign, the Moon is in your partnership sector all day and you may seek recognition from others.

Emotional energy is a little tense today. You try to avoid undue stress, especially about differences of opinion. You may struggle to determine what others expect of you and what you really believe you can and should do. Find a middle ground. You can no doubt feel torn by the Moon’s opposition to Mars, but getting in touch with real needs and wants should probably be a priority.

There may be some tensions today as others do not seem cooperative or open to your ideas, but this influence passes quickly. This is due to a slightly challenging Sun-Pluto aspect that causes fears of not achieving your goals and the feeling that you have to use strategies to get what you want. Work, tasks or the stress of everyday life can absorb you. Today’s actions encourage careless approaches, and you may decide that waiting to address issues is best.

You may feel the desire to put order, to bring harmony to your home or personal life today. Even so, it may not be easy to overcome disappointments. Allowing tense feelings to motivate you to make changes or leave behind an upsetting situation can be productive. Although clearing the air may seem like what you need there is a tendency to be too defensive to make much progress, so waiting is best.

With the Moon in your communication sector all day you are drawn to lively environments and people. However there can be some problems and possibly covert or deceptive behavior with the minor Sun-Pluto challenge. Also, a Moon-Mars opposition creates a mental tension. Anxiety can build as you realize responsibilities that at first may seem a little too much to handle.

Comfort needs take on special importance today with the Moon in your solar 2nd house all day. Even so a Sun-Pluto challenge can increase demands and stress levels at points. The key is to avoid getting involved in too many projects or worrying about too many things at once. It will help you make a list of priorities or take a step-by-step approach, instead of a scattered one that will make you feel like nothing is done.

The Moon in your sign creates the need for emotional spontaneity. However, today’s Sun-Pluto transit is not very free nor does it favor the promotion of personal plans. Issues of power, control and responsibility may arise or money worries cloud your thinking. Differences and problem areas come into sharp focus as the Moon opposes Mars and it may not be easy to see around you.

The Moon in your private life sector all day prompts a need for quiet or some form of retreat. With a little Sun-Pluto challenge today, however, you could feel strange. Avoid negative thinking or high expectations as much as possible. Also, you should do your best to avoid getting caught up in emotional games. Try not to use manipulative tactics to get what you want.

While today’s Moon prompts you to crave lightness in interactions, a little Sun-Pluto challenge can cause pressure. There can be tensions in interpersonal relationships if you or others focus on flaws or complexities, which is a trend now. Distractions abound and the key will be to prioritize and adopt a mature approach, avoiding a strong pull towards play and confrontation.

With the Moon in your solar 10th house all day long you deal with what you feel is necessary and worthwhile. However, there may be some tension with others, which may affect productivity, or you may find that responsibilities weigh more heavily than usual. Distractions and worries or fireworks with friends or lovers can interrupt the flow. Avoid engaging in competitive games when your energy could be better used elsewhere.

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