I love you but… read a book!

I love you but… read a book!
I love you but… read a book!

She answered with tenderness but also quite a bit of irritation Britney Spears to her 15-year-old son Jaden, who recently gave an interview about the rift in his and his brother’s relationship with their mother.

In his interview to be shown on ITV today, the teenage boy said it will take time and effort to fix this troubled relationship. “I just want her mental state to improve. When she gets better, I really want to see her again.” 15-year-old Jaden said among other things about his mother.

The 40-year-old singer was quick to respond via Instagram to her son whom she hasn’t seen for several months, sending her love to him and his brother. However, he did not fail to throw several jabs at him Kevin Federlineof the boys’ “hypocrite” father “who has worked for 15 years” and “smokes weed every day”, but also to suggest that her son should… open a book before commenting on her mental state again.

I tried my best to be as good a person as possible… basically living as a hostage in houses with nurses and other motherfuckers. I hope my children will one day understand the reasoning behind my playful photos in the water exposing myself as any woman would do under the “blanket” of custody! Finally at 40, free from the shackles my family had placed on me… I tell my son Jaden I will send him all the love in the world every day for the rest of my life! My love for my children knows no bounds and it saddens me that he said I didn’t live up to his expectations as a mother… maybe someday we can meet face to face and talk about it openly!”.

Maybe my dear child YOU can explain to me why our family treated me like this! I helped your father who had to work for 15 years…I imagine it’s easier for you not to have someone checking if you’re reading for school! He is sure that the standards set by your father smoking hash every day they benefit your everyday life at 15 and 16, allowing you to feel like part of a very cool generation!”.

“I understand your need to stay with your father, since I had to play the role of perfect for 15 years without winning anything. I’m so glad I got to do 4 tours, be a judge on the X Factor and more… I did it for you, and Preston… I’m aware of your talent. I know you are teachers in my life but, my dear child, I am also a teacher in yours.”

Returning to the father of the two boys, Spears launched another attack calling him a hypocrite. “He says the media is horrible but he makes you talk to them about personal issues. I wish you would pause and think about where you came from. I hope you look in the mirror and remember… you are and always will be my child! Since Preston hasn’t spoken, I send him my love! I would like nothing more than to see you in person again. Keep practicing your piano gift. You and your brother are brilliant and I am very proud of you.”

The tone of the singer changes abruptly towards the end of the post, when she comments on her son’s rant that she wished would get better mental state of his mother. “As for my mental health…my dear child, understand that you must learn to open and read a book before you can even think about my own mind, honey!’

“Tell your father to at least try to mow the lawn. Postscript: If you can honestly in your sane, intelligent mind say that what my grandparents did to me was okay and you call them good people…then yes, I failed as a mother and I hope you and your father sit face to face face to face and try to find out WHAT IS GOOD”.

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