Marietta Hrousala: The Dreamlike Apparition In Baptism

The “present” at the christening of the son of Mary Katrantzou and Mario Politis in Spetses was given on the evening of Wednesday 31 August by Marietta Hrousala, accompanied by her husband Leo Patitsa.

Mary Katrantzou – Marios Politis: Photos from their son’s baptism

The reception that followed the sacrament had themed tables by color and guests knew which one they would sit at. Thus, Marietta Hrousala who was sitting at the red table, wore a wonderful one maxi fuchsia gownto be close to the colors of her themed table. The baptism had a dress code and we expected nothing less from a fashion designer, like the acclaimed Mary Katrantzou.

Katrantzou – Politis: The spectacular reception of their son’s baptism

Marietta Hrousala stole the show with her appearance. Put the dress on me nude platforms, while her hair was wavy and her make-up was nude and glam.

The former host, who loves social media, shared videos and photos from the gorgeous reception and highlighted both her look and the details of her dreamy reception attire.

See the impressive appearance of Marietta Chrousala:

Marietta Hrousala beautiful at the christening of her son Mary Katrantzou

The baptism took place in the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos in Spetses and the godparents of the neophyte Michael were Pavlos, Marie Chantal, Eugenia Niarchou and Sabine Getty.

The decoration on the christening table of Mary Katrantzou's son

Decoration with sunflowers at the baptism of Mary Katrantzou's son

The christening table of Mary Katrantzou's son

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