The “lie” of Zouganelis – A sad case

In any case, it was shocking what Yannis Zouganelis said while speaking on a Cypriot show:

Yannis Zouganelis: I have friends who “go to Thailand because they can have sex with children there” | LiFO

“I say to them, ‘Aren’t you a little embarrassed?’, but they go. It’s very well known, don’t fall from the clouds” Yannis Zouganelis referred to the sexual exploitation of minors, who noted, in an interview with AstraTV, that acquaintances of his have admitted to him that they go to Thailand to have sex with children.

No because we don’t know about sex tourism and pedophilia in Thailand – is known and horrible.

The shocking thing was that Mr. Zouganelis said that he has acquaintances who tell him to go and jump minor children with them in Thailand, and has done nothing more than (according to him) say to them “Aren’t you a little ashamed?”

Yannis Zouganelis is shocked: “My friends tell me, ‘Let’s go to Thailand to have sex with children'””

Yiannis Zouganelis was particularly revealing in his interview on the Status program of the Cypriot Astra TV, guest of Konstantinos Kameas. Giannis Zouganelis shocked with his revelation, as he stated with disarming honesty that “Many of my acquaintances go to Thailand to have sex with children. Don’t be surprised at all.

In the video, he clearly says that he has acquaintances “who tell me to go to Thailand, because there we can have sex with children”.

“Have they come and told you that themselves?” asks the host, surprised – not obviously at the well-known sex tourism, but at the apparent Mr. Zouganelis’s admission that, with his knowledge, pedophile trips are taking place, which of course he has not reported to the authorities.

“Sure, sure, they tell me we’re going to do that,” he answers, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Zouganelis comes out and says PUBLICLY that he has acquaintances, pedophiles, who go (and have suggested to him to go) to Thailand for children. I imagine there is no prosecutor to check. Also, I don’t know since when is it considered normal to have such acquaintances. I don’t have any at all

After the uproar… “misinterpretation” complaint

Screenshot 10 3

“How ashamed I feel for faking my interview. In my stance against violence wherever it comes from. In the perversion and vulgarity of sexual abuse
of children who are the future. I said “let’s keep our eyes open because I know there are people who go to Thailand to be with small children” And not that I know them. I will think very seriously about what I speak. Thank you”

This was of course wrong. He said very specifically that he knows them and how they have suggested that he go with them. The easiest thing, however, (and completely Trumpian here) is to blame the media for distortion – the same was done by the Member of Parliament Mrs. Fotiou who told a great truth in Parliament and then tried to collect her.

Indeed, the media often distorts, but in the case of Zouganelis no one distorted anythingas he said it all in the video himself.

Apparently he got it, and (to his credit) came back:

Screenshot 12 3

But what is the truth of what is apparent? That his acquaintances are pedophiles and invite him to go have sex with children? Or that he lied in the interview just for emphasis?

I’m guessing the second is true. We all have someone we know who, in order to emphasize and make what he says more true, invents a little lie.

E.g. “my cousin was on shift at the hospital the night Vissi / Remo was brought in”, or “I have a friend who works at Pfizer and he told me such and such about the vaccine”, or “an acquaintance of mine works in a ministry and told me that we are going for elections”.

Regardless of whether the event we describe is true or not (also in the case of Mr. Zouganelis apply: Yes, pedophilia flourishes in Thailand!). we also add a personal detail which shows that we supposedly have first-hand knowledge of this situation.

He Admitted It Himself – Fans continue to blame the media

Almost 5,000 people have liked it in the original post saying his interview was faked, even though it wasn’t after all. From his comment I understand that he accepts that what he said was spur of the moment for emphasis, and says cheekily: “Unfortunately, I gave the right.”

But his fans do not accept this. Most people tell him essentially “You didn’t give any rights”, unwittingly rewarding either that he has known pedophiles and is covering for them, or that – more likely – he said a dangerous muff to emphasize his point. (And I say dangerous because it was not for some trivial matter, but for something criminal: Knowingly covering for pedophiles who go to rape children – and then admitting it on TV as if nothing happened– It is unacceptable.)

I was speechless with the comments after his admission. Instead of applauding him for finally taking responsibility for his self-criticism, they turn on him even more against the “bad media”. Together, of course, in other words to love each other – as if the media had called Zouganelis a pederast (which no one said, if possible!), or as if the issue was whether or not he told the truth about Thailand and not whether he said true for his acquaintances.

“Dear Mr. Zouganelis, we never give a right by stating the truth, we all know how bad journalism and information works and how from one moment to the next someone can be found accountable because they simply changed their word.”

“You told the whole truth, let some people not pretend that oops they fell from the pink cloud. As is well known for countries that support horse riding” (!!!)

“it is a well-known phenomenon in Greece, but also in general, that when someone, especially someone famous, tells the truth, it is “disturbing” and some, for their own reasons, try to take advantage of that person by accusing them.”

“Don’t pay attention to them… All those who are looking to change the words someone says and interpret them as they want are just little people who want to feel great even for a while…”

“don’t apologize Giannar, you said it well in the video, all the truth, they are trying to seduce someone”

“don’t bother, journalists get caught up in a word and twist it to sell”


The fact that Mr. Zouganelis liked it in all these comments talking about distortion, having already admitted that not there was distortion, it makes me wonder again when he means something and when he doesn’t.

However, he is right in writing: “I will think very carefully about where I speak,” and it’s advice that applies to all public figures.

Thinking where you speak it is really important.

Thinking about what you say is, of course, even more important.


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