GNTM: And yet, we’ve seen the 40-year-old bodybuilder before

GNTM: And yet, we’ve seen the 40-year-old bodybuilder before
GNTM: And yet, we’ve seen the 40-year-old bodybuilder before

His auditions continued on Tuesday (20/09). GNTM 5, which premiered the day before, entering strongly into the television competition.

From the second episode of Star’s popular reality show, there was no lack of emotional moments, but also tensions on the set, while we also saw familiar faces.

Specifically, the 40-year-old Marie Rose from Cyprus and originally from Lebanonappeared in front of the judges and impressed them both with her perfect proportions and her dynamic personality.

She herself said that has been a bodybuilder for many years and that when she decided to return to her normal body, she had to lose 30 kilos, which she achieved with great difficulty over a period of 5 years.

Marie Rose passed with four yeses in the next phase and was moved by the kind words of the judges, as she confessed that she has gone through many difficulties in her life.

Since nothing escapes the notice of Twitter users, Marie Rose was “recognized” by the viewerswho remembered seeing her on the small screen before in 2017.

This is the then girlfriend of Constantinos Vassalos, who had participated in Survivor, with her sending him a video message when winning the communication award.

During his time on Survivor, Marie Rose claimed the title of “Official” his partner, from his ex-partner, Vasiliki Agiannopoulou.

In fact, at that time a big issue had arisen, since Konstantinos Vassalos, coming out of the game, had declared that he had no relationship.

Both women had made revelations that “burned” the former Survivor player, with Marie Rose publishing their private conversations and Vasiliki Agiannopoulou “dumping” him, saying he was talking to another girl behind her back.

GNTM: The Marie Rose Audition

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