Why experts fear a dangerous “cocktail” in winter

Why experts fear a dangerous “cocktail” in winter
Why experts fear a dangerous “cocktail” in winter

An increased spread of influenza was observed during the summer, while unusually many for the season were the cases recorded in August, which caused concern to the EODY and experts.

The National Public Health Organization issued a statement yesterday sounding the alarm bells, while stating that an outbreak is observed among young people.

The EODY announcement in detail:

Despite the fact that influenza exhibits seasonal variation, with a gradual increase in the spread of the virus from October to March, EODY records influenza cases throughout the year. Usually in the summer months the number of influenza cases recorded is small and, as a rule, it concerns the sporadic cases of the disease.

In recent weeks there have been signs of increased dispersal during the current pre-epidemic period compared to previous years, particularly among young people in certain geographic areas of the country.

Given that the Southern Hemisphere recorded an early onset of the epidemic wave of influenza for this year’s season, the EODY remains alert and systematically monitors the evolution of disease activity.

It is recalled that to prevent the spread of the virus in the community, personal hygiene measures and protective measures must be scrupulously followed, while vaccination remains the most effective preventive measure for the population.

Majorkinis: We are concerned about the coexistence of flu and coronavirus

The coexistence of influenza and covid-19 is something that worries scientists. “It is difficult to assess at this moment what will happen to the NSS, but it is certainly something that concerns us for the pressure that is expected to be exerted in October-November”, says Gikas Majorkinis speaking to APE-MPE.

The flu appeared two months earlier in the Southern Hemisphere which is now in winter and this has its explanation. According to Mr. Mayorkini, the strong wave is due to the fact that “in the last two years, the population has not been exposed to the flu, especially those under 50 years of age, where most are unvaccinated, so the population’s immunity has decreased, resulting in the waves flu to come earlier and for this reason we can also see outbreaks in young populations during the summer”.

He believes that flu vaccination would make sense to start earlier, but the big issue is whether there is availability of updated flu vaccines.

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