“My father advised me to have a strong stomach”

“My father advised me to have a strong stomach”
“My father advised me to have a strong stomach”

The daughter of the well-known actor will make her debut on television through the series “Red River”

THE Marianna Kimoulihis daughter George Kimoulis this season he will play for the first time on television, following the series of the Open, “The Red River”.

The young actress spoke on the show “Who’s in the morning” with enthusiasm about this beginning of hers, while also referring to her father and the advice he has given her.

Speaking of her participation in “Red River” he said: “I am very excited. It’s my first TV job so for me this is all very new so I’m just excited. I also have a lot of anxiety about the interview and everything. When they called me about the Red River, I was very happy. That my first job is with these people and in this series was the most ideal thing that could have happened to me. I am very grateful.”

Then speaking about her father she revealed what advice he has given her: “The advice he gave me is ‘lots and lots of work, stamina and a strong stomach.’ He only criticizes me when I ask him to. He criticizes me all the time, we don’t do any other work. I feel lucky to have a man like that, even if I disagree with him. They will say that I am the daughter of Kimulis, I have solved it. I knew I would deal with it. Being a woman helps, if I were a boy the comparison would be much harsher, worse.”

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