Dogs: Cry for joy when they see their owners – What new research shows

Dogs: Cry for joy when they see their owners – What new research shows
Dogs: Cry for joy when they see their owners – What new research shows

I read a study recently that dogs are literally overjoyed when their owners come home, something that cats are not known to display as strongly.

Professor Takefumi Kikusui from Azabu University, Japan, was inspired for this research when he noticed a few years ago that his dog cried tears of joy when he saw her return. So, he did research on dogs who saw their guardians at one moment, and someone they didn’t know at the next, and the result was that they didn’t react as emotionally in the second case.

To cross-check the data, they applied oxytocin drops, or the “love hormone”, to the eyes of the dogs participating in the research and saw that their eyes filled with tears just like when they were reunited with their guardians.

It is known until now that their body does release this hormone into their body when you play with them, sleep or generally spend time with them, but this intense display of love was not confirmed.

The emotionalism of dogs

In addition, it was observed that the guardians of the dogs who participated in this research, loved and bonded more with their dogs, so it is considered that dogs become so emotional to intensify this bond, and become even more inseparable.

What is not confirmed yet but really is curious as to whether it is true or not, is if they react this strongly when their emotion is negative, i.e. fear, anxiety or even anger, while it is not yet known if they respond to other dogs , as in their loved ones.

With such an emotional charge that officially overwhelms our two-legged furry friends – whether you are a dog person or not – every time they are reunited with their owners, the only thing we can all do is to love them infinitely as they do, to we also take care to spend time with them, as every dog ​​dreams in his mind.

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