He rented the house to Italians and found the safe empty

He rented the house to Italians and found the safe empty
He rented the house to Italians and found the safe empty

Italian tourists on vacation in Skiathos grabbed the money of the landlady who was renting the house to them and went up in smoke.

The theft of the money, according to taxydromos.gr, was noticed last Wednesday, when the owner visited the hostel and went to a room that was not available for rent.

The 36-year-old was horrified to find that savings of 10,000 euros had made “wings” from her safe. He addressed the authorities and reported an Italian couple aged 35 and 34 to whom he was renting the house.

The owner came to the police, sure that the perpetrators are the couple in question, however, she could not substantiate her claim. He had to visit the hostel for 15 days and during the previous period he hosted other tourists also from Italy, who have already left the island…

The police officers proceeded to arrest the couple that the 36-year-old woman pointed out, but who was then released in order to complete the preliminary police investigation.

The arrested, according to information, denied the theft. Well-informed sources note that no money was found on them during the police investigations and therefore it cannot be considered certain that they are hiding behind the case.

It is pointed out that the disputed room where the safe was kept has a prohibited entry. However, the key to the toilet matched its door, while the 36-year-old had not secured the safe she kept in the room with the money.

The Skiathos Police Department continues the preliminary investigation to solve the case. In this context, it collects fingerprints and any useful information to clarify the reported theft

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