‘Headache’ for USAF – Osprey helicopter ‘stuck’ in Norway and can’t move it

‘Headache’ for USAF – Osprey helicopter ‘stuck’ in Norway and can’t move it
‘Headache’ for USAF – Osprey helicopter ‘stuck’ in Norway and can’t move it

An unexpected and special problem is facing the US Air Force, as one helicopter type CV-22 Osprey of the 7th Special Operations Squadron has been “trapped” in a nature reserve on the Norwegian island of Senjafollowing an emergency landing by the crew on August 12.

The helicopter appears to have experienced a problem with its propulsion system, which forced it to land the USAF Special Operations Command to ground its fleet of CV-22 Osprey helicopters on August 17, 2022. Since then, the helicopter has been “stuck” on the island, while Norwegian authorities in cooperation with the US Armed Forces are considering ways to get the helicopter out of the nature reserve.

But because this area is protected, any attempt to solve the problem must be studied so as not to endanger the natural environment. One proposal is to dismantle and then raise the Osprey, with the Norwegians installing special ground protection layers, but experts warn that this would cause problems with the helicopter’s settings and operational safety.

Finally, the terrain’s morphology does not allow access to ships and vehicles to transport it, while time is pressing for the USAF since the longer they delay, the worse the weather conditions in the area will be due to autumn and the coming winter.

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