Bomb from Gazprom: Completely interrupts the flow of natural gas in Nord Stream

Bomb from Gazprom: Completely interrupts the flow of natural gas in Nord Stream
Bomb from Gazprom: Completely interrupts the flow of natural gas in Nord Stream

Despite what was known on Friday morning about the restoration of natural gas flow through Nord Stream in Europe on Saturday, Gazprom announced a while ago that it is completely stopping the flow due to a technical problem.

As he claims during a routine check an oil leak was detected. In fact, the company also presented a photo of the damage. With this data he claims the turbine cannot be operated safely. The announcement did not give a timetable for when it would be able to restore the Nord Strem pipeline.

West-Russia energy war

Moscow insists that sanctions, imposed by the West after Russia invaded Ukraine, are preventing routine maintenance work on Nord Stream 1. Brussels says this is a pretext, arguing that Russia is using natural gas as an economic weapon to retaliation.

This announcement comes a few hours after the decision of the G7 to impose a ceiling on the price of Russian oil, which caused a strong reaction from Moscow, and the announcement by the Commission of a plan to impose on the price of natural gas.

The complete shutdown of natural gas in Europe for an unspecified period of time risks leaving the Old Continent unprotected in the coming winter. Analysts believe that this move on the part of Russia has nothing to do with the technical reasons it cites but with a strategic move against the plans of the West.

Russia’s RIA reports: “Nord Stream, the main pipeline for natural gas supplies from Russia to Europe, has been operating with restrictions since mid-June and since the end of July has been operating at just 20% of its capacity, which amounts to almost 170 million cubic meters per day. Moscow stressed that the reduction in supply is solely due to the sanctions, which have caused problems in the maintenance and repair of Siemens gas compressor units.

Turning point

Diplomatic sources told MEGA that we are now entering the most critical juncture of the conflict with Russia and this is because all countries are taking into account that the fear of intense social unrest across Europe due to the accuracy is now evident.

And mainly because the patience of the European citizens is running out and the risk that they will start questioning the sanctions against Moscow is constantly increasing.

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