Indian CEO wants all new employees to work 18 hour days

Indian CEO wants all new employees to work 18 hour days
Indian CEO wants all new employees to work 18 hour days

Social media reacted to Bombay Shaving Company founder Shantanu Deshpande’s perspective

An Indian CEO is under fire for suggesting that new recruits to any job should work 18 hours a day for the first four to five years of their career.

The founder of Bombay Shaving Company, Shantanu Deshpande, asked the young workers to “worship” their work like a religion and avoid “grunting”.

Many of those reacting on social media accuse him of promoting a “toxic work culture”.

India has strong labor laws, but activists say authorities need to do more to strictly enforce the laws.

In 2020, Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy also came under fire for proposing that Indians work at least 64 hours a week for two to three years to offset the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic lockdowns.

LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index published in 2020 reported that two out of five working professionals in India experience increased stress and anxiety.

In his LinkedIn post on Tuesday, Deshpande argued that it is “too early” for young people to think about maintaining a work-life balance early in their careers.

One Twitter user reacted by saying that Deshpande was justifying the “toxic work culture” at a time when “mass layoffs at Indian startups have become the norm.”

Another user pointed out that Deshpande had not said he would compensate those working overtime.

“Companies tend to take advantage of people who [εργάζονται πολλές ώρες]. In many cases they lead to premature burnout, resulting in people jeopardizing their careers,” the user wrote.

Following widespread criticism of his comment, Mr Deshpande re-commented on his post.

“Oh, so much hate for 18-hour workdays. It’s a substitute for “giving it your all and then some,” she wrote, implying that she was speaking metaphorically.

He also said that those wondering about the work culture at his company are welcome to talk to his employees.

Deshpande’s comments come at a time when the term “silent resignation” has taken off on social media. The philosophy behind the term is to work, doing only what is absolutely necessary to keep one’s job. The “stream” had started with a video of an American TikTokker advising that “work is not your life”.

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