Holocaust survivor recalls cannibalism in concentration camp

Holocaust survivor recalls cannibalism in concentration camp
Holocaust survivor recalls cannibalism in concentration camp

He described the Stutthof camp as ‘hell’

A Holocaust survivor has told a German court that there were starving and impoverished prisoners at the concentration camp she was in, to the point of eating their dead fellow inmates to survive.

It was 93-year-old Riza Silbert who spoke via video call to the Itzehoe District Court in Schleswig-Holstein about the daily horrors she and other prisoners experienced at the Stutthof concentration camp, which she described as “hell”.

“We had cannibalism in the camp. People were starving and cutting up the corpses,” said the 93-year-old, among other things, shocking the room.

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Ovens at the Stutthof Nazi concentration camp – Photo: Getty Images.

A typhus epidemic engulfed the camp with unburied corpses. Silbert’s mother died of typhus in January 1945, one of the approximately 60,000 people who died in the camp since its establishment in 1939.

Silbert was born into a Lithuanian Jewish family in 1929 and was taken to Stutthoff, Poland, with her mother and sister in August 1944. Her father and brother were murdered by German collaborators in 1941.

In mid-April 1945, as Nazi Germany retreated on all fronts, the prisoners were transported to Danzig and then across the Baltic Sea to Holstein. Finally, they were freed by British soldiers on 3 May.

Silbert’s harrowing testimony comes in the context of the trial of Irmgard Furchner, who worked as a secretary at Stutthof from June 1943 to April 1945.

Now 97, Furchner is accused of helping to kill more than 11,000 people during her time at the camp. However, she is being tried as a juvenile because she was under 21 at the time of the crimes she is accused of.

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