Police release video of officer punching 19-year-old woman

Its principles New York released the footage from the cameras worn by the police officersfollowing the uproar sparked by a video uploaded to social media in which a uniformed hits you in the face a 19-year-old during an arrest.

Tamani Crum, who was knocked unconscious on the pavement after being punched by officer Kendo Kinsey, appears to interfere with the arrest of a man and attacks the officer, whom she slaps before taking the blow that knocks her out.

The first video, found on another officer’s body camera, lasts just 19 seconds and shows the 19-year-old struggling with the uniformed officer before he laid her on the pavement in Harlem on Tuesday afternoon.

The second video, which appears to be from Kendo Kinsey’s body camera and lasts 60 seconds, shows him approaching the spot where his colleagues have handcuffed 22-year-old Elvin James, who is charged with attempted murder.

As the officers try to control the suspect, the woman rushes in yelling at them, with Kinsey attempting to push her away with one hand, but to no avail. Tamani Kam even gets enraged and after pushing the police officer she is then seen slapping him.

The policeman reacts with a hook to the face of the 19-year-old who falls with force to the pavement, to the surprise of several bystanders.

In a statement accompanying the video collection posted on YouTube, the NYPD said the incident occurred while officers from the 32nd Precinct arrested someone who was “carrying in his waistband an illegal, loaded Polymer 80 semi-automatic handgun. During of the arrest, a woman who knew this individual began to intervene and hit a detective, who rebuffed the woman’s intervention and hit back.”

The NYPD added: “This incident, including the conduct of the detective who used force, is under ongoing review by the Internal Affairs Bureau Task Force. All of the footage from the police camera, as well as other footage from the area and witness statements, is being gathered and reviewed.”

The 19-year-old, who was charged with second-degree hindering apprehension, second-degree assault and resisting arrest, was released without bond.

Her boyfriend, Elvin James, 22, who is charged with attempted murder, was charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and possession of illegal drugs found on him, with bail set at $300,000, his office said. Manhattan District Attorney.

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