Greek-owned tankers: A hard bargain from the Iranians

Greek-owned tankers: A hard bargain from the Iranians
Greek-owned tankers: A hard bargain from the Iranians

Terms and conditions in order to release the two Greek-owned tankers held from May to Bandar Abbas port of Iran says, according to information, Tehran. And this while the return to the tanks of the Iranian interest ship “Lana” of 100,000 tons of oil, which the Greek authorities had initially seized at the request of the USA, has been completed for more than a week.

Initially, part of the negotiations with the Iranian side was undertaken by the head of the Crisis Management Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thanasis Kafopoulos. In the last two weeks, however, the vice captain of the Coast Guard, Antonis Doumanis, has been in Bandar Abbas. Yesterday, in the circles of the Coast Guard, there was optimism that there would be a solution to the thriller that has been ongoing since April, without any developments until the evening hours.

At the end of May, the two Greek-owned tankers “Prudent Warrior” and “Delta Poseidon” were attacked by the “Revolutionary Guards” (Iranian armed forces), while they were sailing in the Persian Gulf, one in international waters and the other near on the coast of Iran. The seizure and seizure of the two ships was in retaliation for the seizure of 100,000 tons of Iranian oil from the tanks of the tanker “Lana”, following a request for US judicial assistance. The ship of Iranian interests was impounded when it sailed with mechanical failure in the anchorage of Karystos, coming from Turkey.

They are asking for the signing of an agreement whereby the Greek side will commit that it will not take legal action against Tehran claiming compensation.

Peculiar hostage

Initially, by virtue of the decision of the interrogator of Chalkida who accepted the American request, the oil transported by the “Lana” it was seized and transfused into the US-hired tackner “ICE Energy”. Subsequently, however, and while the hostage taking of the Greek tankers in Bandar Abbas had intervened, the Appeals Council of Chalkida overturned the first confiscation decision and ordered that the oil be returned to “Lana”. The re-infusion started in mid-August at the Piraeus anchorage and was completed about a week ago.

Although, however, the basic condition set by Tehran for the release of the Greek tankers was met, the “Prudent Warrior” and “Delta Poseidon” and the Greek sailors aboard them remain in a unique hostage situation. According well-informed source of “K”, Iran requests for the release of the two tankers, in addition to the departure of the “Lana” until it enters international waters, the signing of an agreement whereby the Greek side will undertake not to take legal action against Tehran claiming compensation for the long-term hostage of the two ships. The same information source added that Iran is seeking to bind Greece to a “national character” agreement, which apparently further complicates the facts in the case.

Other information from the shipping market indicates that the “Lana” has suffered mechanical damage and tugboats are required for its sailing, with the companies however reluctant to get involved, for fear of possible US sanctions. After all, until a few weeks ago at least, there was strong speculation that US authorities would attempt a raid on the “Lana” when it found itself in international waters.

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