He knew it was his layoff day, he put on a pink wig, took his wine and went to the rally

He knew it was his layoff day, he put on a pink wig, took his wine and went to the rally
He knew it was his layoff day, he put on a pink wig, took his wine and went to the rally

What would you do if you knew your employers were about to tell you that you were no longer useful to the company and fired you? Would you paint them black or consider making an exit that everyone will remember?

Isaac Moran, a recruiter at real estate agency Compass, decided that humor is the best medicine for heartache. So, seeing her dismissal of coming, decided to have fun at the moment of the announcement. So he videotaped the work meeting on Google Hangouts in which he wears a pink wig and drinks his wine! The young man uploaded the video to TikTok and it predictably went viral, with the video garnering 37,000 likes and 2,100 shares.

His computer windows opened and the Human Resources representative and his department head appeared. “How are you;” he is heard saying, before appearing in disguise at the window. At first both women try to keep their composure, but they can’t help but giggle at the sight of their pink-wigged colleague casually sipping his wine.

The announcement and the reaction

“I appreciate you being here. I have bad news for you. The company has made some decisions and based on the actions they need to take based on where the market is going, your role is affected.” The moment he hears the last rant about the position being eliminated, he grabs his head in his hands, his pink hair swinging somewhat casually. It should be noted here that his performance has its own background as Isaak has a degree having studied at a theater school in New York.

“I thought, since they’re firing me, what can they do? Why not go out in style?he told the New York Post. As he mentioned, he was aware of his impending dismissal and that was the reason he set up his little play. “Humor is definitely a coping mechanism. I think if I make myself laugh, others will laugh too,” he added. Before the wig she had considered doing karaoke to break the ice, but ultimately opted to strike a “delicate balance”.

“The whole team had been fired and they were all being called in for 15-minute talks, and I knew the people they were talking to were being asked to tell the same tale over and over again. I wanted to laugh and make everyone else laugh and make a dark case a little funnier,” he said.

The comments below video it rained. “The best co-worker you could ever have”, “maybe the best call they’ve had all day, if you’re going to do it, do it in style”, “oh I work for this company too, wake me up when the September’ were some of the comments.

Trouble for Compass

The Post reached out to the company, but no one wanted to comment on the incident. According to Newsweek in June, Compass announced that it would cut 10% of its workforce, or about 450 employees. The company – which also lost $300 million in the first half of 2022 and has been hit hard by rising interest rates and sluggish US home sales – is also reportedly planning another round of layoffs by the end of September.

Still, Moran says he harbors no ill feelings toward his former company. “They tried to help me find a job after leaving. So they definitely don’t hold a grudge against me,” he said.

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