How to avoid baggage fees on airplanes

How to avoid baggage fees on airplanes
How to avoid baggage fees on airplanes

It has gone viral on Tik Tok Belgian influencer video, which provides a solution to a problem that plagues many travelers with airplane and it concerns the cost of luggage.

The secret, according to Teddy Ivanova, is to pack your things in… a pillowcase.

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The trick

As seen in the video, Teddy fills a pillow—which rarely counts as hand luggage—with her clothes, blankets, and other soft items and walks through the airport with the stuffed pillow.

She then reveals the contents by opening the pillow on her hotel bed, emptying its contents.

“My parents never pay for extra luggage, we always travel with hand luggage only,” says the 21-year-old. “I like to wear a lot of clothes on holiday, so trying to fit everything into a mini suitcase has always been a nightmare.”

“It was convenient because I use the pillow during the flight or in the taxi on the way to the hotel,” he added.

Her… trick has garnered over 4.5 million likes and 13,400 comments from amazed users.

Watch the video


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