He is ‘allergic to gravity’ and is in bed 24 hours a day – The rare syndrome that afflicts ex-military

He is ‘allergic to gravity’ and is in bed 24 hours a day – The rare syndrome that afflicts ex-military
He is ‘allergic to gravity’ and is in bed 24 hours a day – The rare syndrome that afflicts ex-military

A young woman is lying in bed almost 24 hours a day, and cannot stand up for more than three minutes at a stretch, because she will faint, because she has “allergy at gravity“, as he claims, since he suffers from a rare disease syndrome.

According to nypost.com, the 28-year-old Lyndsey Johnson was working as an engineer in the US Navy when in 2015 he started experiencing severe back and abdominal pain, and also experienced fainting episodes on a regular basis.

“It was really scary,” he said, and since then the hospital visits began, with doctors reporting that he was experiencing “anxiety” because of the schedule he was following.

Lyndsey Johnson

However, her health did not improve, until now in 2018 the Navy relieved her of her duties for medical reasons and from that moment onwards the symptoms worsened.

The climax but he came at beginning of 2022, when he got to the point where he couldn’t hold a fork without throwing up. “I threw up so much that my heart was racing and I was going to the hospital for observation,” he said of that time.

Then, during one of the “regular” visits a doctor suggested that he undergo tilt testin which the patient lies on the bed, which tilts upright, while doctors monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen.

The rare syndrome, treatment and the future

So in February 2022, Lyndsi Johnson officially diagnosed with PoTSthat is, the orthostatic tachycardia syndromewhich is an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs after sitting or standing.

Since then, he started to takes pills three times a day to reduce fainting episodes and nausea while spending most of the day in bed. “I can’t stand for more than three minutes without feeling faint and sick,” she said and added that “I feel much better lying down. I’m in bed all day.”

“I’m allergic to gravity. It sounds crazy, but it’s true,” she says of her health condition, as her life has changed dramatically since then.

“It’s really exhausting. I can’t do chores and James (aka her husband) has to cook, clean and help me shower and wash. I’ve gone weeks without brushing my teeth because I feel awful,” she then adds.

Now, herself she relies on her husband’s 24-hour carewhile trying to get a music degree and find a job where she’ll be working remotely from her bed.

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