Woman brutally beaten by her landlord

Woman brutally beaten by her landlord
Woman brutally beaten by her landlord

First entry: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 7:55 p.m

The woman from Iran was attacked by her landlord in the area of ​​Kato Polemidia, with KISA reporting that this is not the first time she has been attacked.

As can be seen in the video recorded by neighbors, the landlord pulls the woman by the hair and beats her in a brutal way.

According to the Police, the Polemidion Police Station has been informed. A medical certificate has been issued to the woman and she is currently being examined at the Limassol Hospital. When he completes the exams he is expected to give a statement.

As alphanews.live reports, this is a woman from Iran, mother of a minor child. He has applied for asylum and legally rents the house. The confrontation between the two is known to the authorities as both sides had gone to the Polemidion Police Station reporting the problems they are facing. The Welfare Office is also aware of the case and had informed the woman that she would be provided with another home.

Speaking on the website, the Executive Director of KISA Doros Polykarpou states that the landlord often creates problems for her, he had even gone to the house in the past and threw her things on the street.

He also points out that while complaints had been made, no drastic actions were taken, as a result of which he became the victim of a beating. He comments at the same time that there are numerous reports of abuse that reach them on a daily basis and calls on those responsible to take responsibility.

Last updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 8:13 p.m

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